Patches, flags, banners and more

In addition to printed material, we have decided to offer a unique service in the sector: personalized hand-painted material!

Before proceeding, it is essential to understand that the cost, timing and other characteristics and dynamics will, for obvious reasons, be very different compared to printed material.

  • Cost : There are no standard prices. The final price will mainly be dictated by the complexity and size of the production.

  • Time : on average our artist takes between 15 and 60 days , always based on the project provided.


Fabrics : the material used for patches, flags and banners are all tailoring cotton fabrics , more or less light depending on the specific project. For patches and banners it is possible to request double fabric for weight.
The fabrics still remain soft and manageable .


Finishes : the sides of the material are generally finished with machine stitching with hand basting. If necessary it is possible to add buttonholes or laces . For flags larger than 250cm, the buttonhole stitching is reinforced by placing a satin ribbon inside and doubling the fabric at the tip of the buttonhole.


Colours : those used are fine art colours , specific for the fabric and resistant to bad weather. 2 to 4 coats are given depending on the color. For flags, the design is always done on both sides . They can be washed in cold water but only in extreme cases.

To request a quote, please fill out the form below or contact us via our channels, providing as much information and details of the project as possible.

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